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Gajek Engineering Co. Ltd. is developing and manufacturing machinery, equipment and control systems based on its own knowledge. We have extensive experience and proven design solutions in following areas:

  • Kaplan turbines (Bulb, PIT, S-type, Z-type, with radial flow)
  • Francis turbines (vertical, horizontal)
  • Pelton turbines (vertical, horizontal)
  • equipment selection and complete supply for Hydro Power Engineering,
  • electrohydraulic governors,
  • gearboxes for water turbines,
  • modernization and reconstruction of water turbines and HPP's,
  • SCADA systems,
  • trash screen cleaners,
  • control systems for turbine sets,
  • master control units for HPP's,
  • power output systems for HPP's.


Our company develops documentation, orders and supervise manufacturing and implementation of the elements in specialized national and international facilities. We carry out installation, commissioning and technical tests, give guarantees and provide service after the warranty period.