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Water turbines
Design services
Devices for Water Power Engineering


Kaplan turbines (Bulb, PIT, S-type, Z-type, with radial flow)

Francis turbines (vertical, horizontal)

Pelton turbines (vertical, horizontal)


Hydro Power Plants design services


Electrohydraulic governors, trash screen cleaners, conveyors, power output systems, SCADA systems, gate valves







Gajek Engineering Co. Ltd. is a polish turbine and other HPP machinery manufacturer.

We specialize in developing documentation for Hydro Power Plants.

We carry out installation, commissioning and technical tests, give guarantees and provide service after the warranty period.

GEG's experience and proven design solutions provide turn-key project implementation.

Sample Projects
HPP Rejowice - construction works
Complex modernization of existing HPP. Capacity 2 x 1050kW.
HPP Brzeg - Kaplan turbine D = 2200mm
Delivery of vertical Kaplan turbine type PTK2200 with asynchronous generator. Turbine set equipped with electrohydraulic controller. SCADA system.